Mind Under Matter

Origins of Halloween

October 18, 2021

The Spooky Voids and Visionaries of Comedy™ release the first of two Halloween episodes.

This week Shane and Ramin get dressed up in their finest morph suits to discuss the origins and evolution of Halloween.
How did seasonal change influence the morbid themes of this centuries-old tradition?  How did the ancient practices of witchcraft go from being the respected, genderneutral medical care of the time to the demonization of women?  How much was the black plague a catalyst for the unimaginably horrifying witch trials of the Middle Ages?
It’s easy to understand the evolution of a fear of spiders, but what about many of the other things we associate with Halloween?  How were the ideas of ghosts and zombies influenced by grave robbing?  Where did trick or treating come from?  Why do we wear costumes?  Was bobbing for apples originally a mating ritual?

I hope all you MUMies enjoyed our costumes because as it turns out, spending hour in a morph suit made The SVVC™ feel like a very uncomfortable batman.  Special thanks to our Patreon follower Shauna Gardner for suggesting that we do a Halloween episode.  We had so much fun we will be doing another next week where we wear different costumes and take the Morbid Curiosity Scale!

If there is anything you should be scared of this Halloween season, it is the justified fear of missing out on these episodes.

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