Mind Under Matter

Political Attitudes Test Pt 1

September 27, 2021

The Self-Described Objective Boys of Comedy™ take a political attitudes test to see if they are truly as impartial as we like to think they are.


The Mind Under Matter Podcast typically isn’t overly interested in current events and therefore doesn’t devote much time to the usual political discussions. Too many political conversations run in circles around the latest trending news stories that seems to monopolize watercooler talk and social media.  What makes this conversation different is that the evergreen topics in the survey are a terrific springboard for broader philosophical discussions.


The test is designed to determine where an individual falls on the two dimensions of a political spectrum, but you will get to hear how the SDOBC™ feel about each specific issue.  Rather than just lumping our identity into red or blue and subscribing to the default beliefs of that tribe, we tend to believe it’s more productive to have issue/context-dependent beliefs.


Tune in as we consider more shades.

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