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Origins of Halloween

Origins of Halloween

October 18, 2021

The Spooky Voids and Visionaries of Comedy™ release the first of two Halloween episodes.

This week Shane and Ramin get dressed up in their finest morph suits to discuss the origins and evolution of Halloween.
How did seasonal change influence the morbid themes of this centuries-old tradition?  How did the ancient practices of witchcraft go from being the respected, genderneutral medical care of the time to the demonization of women?  How much was the black plague a catalyst for the unimaginably horrifying witch trials of the Middle Ages?
It’s easy to understand the evolution of a fear of spiders, but what about many of the other things we associate with Halloween?  How were the ideas of ghosts and zombies influenced by grave robbing?  Where did trick or treating come from?  Why do we wear costumes?  Was bobbing for apples originally a mating ritual?

I hope all you MUMies enjoyed our costumes because as it turns out, spending hour in a morph suit made The SVVC™ feel like a very uncomfortable batman.  Special thanks to our Patreon follower Shauna Gardner for suggesting that we do a Halloween episode.  We had so much fun we will be doing another next week where we wear different costumes and take the Morbid Curiosity Scale!

If there is anything you should be scared of this Halloween season, it is the justified fear of missing out on these episodes.

Wishing Everyone Well

Wishing Everyone Well

October 11, 2021

The Guinea Pigs of Comedy ™ continue with part two of the political compass scale.

Each survey question makes for a great jumping-off point for fun philosophical discussions of worldviews and is almost like a mini-episode.
In this sequel to Episode 26: Political Attitudes Test Pt 1, we cover a range of topics including economics, education, regulations, capital punishment, freedom, dogma, vaccines, prison, abortion, subsidies, vaccines, and the role of art in society
Sometimes choosing between what is ideal and what is realistic can feel like flipping a coin into a wishing well.



October 4, 2021

The Mindful Boys of Comedy™ meditate on meditation.

Shane recently had a wonderful mushroom trip that he was trying to use as a reset before Sober October.  In the process he started getting back into meditation, so we thought it was the perfect time to explore the topic.

We discuss what meditation and mindfulness mean to us.  Hear how we got into mediation, what different apps and practices have we tried, what we have learned, and how often we practice.

Much like meditation, The MBC™ go off on plenty of tangents.  Are those distractions from the goal of the episode or much of The Mind Under Matter Podcast about the side quests along the way? 

Political Attitudes Test Pt 1

Political Attitudes Test Pt 1

September 27, 2021

The Self-Described Objective Boys of Comedy™ take a political attitudes test to see if they are truly as impartial as we like to think they are.


The Mind Under Matter Podcast typically isn’t overly interested in current events and therefore doesn’t devote much time to the usual political discussions. Too many political conversations run in circles around the latest trending news stories that seems to monopolize watercooler talk and social media.  What makes this conversation different is that the evergreen topics in the survey are a terrific springboard for broader philosophical discussions.


The test is designed to determine where an individual falls on the two dimensions of a political spectrum, but you will get to hear how the SDOBC™ feel about each specific issue.  Rather than just lumping our identity into red or blue and subscribing to the default beliefs of that tribe, we tend to believe it’s more productive to have issue/context-dependent beliefs.


Tune in as we consider more shades.



September 20, 2021

The Scatterbrained Boys of Comedy™ attempt to focus on an ADHD test.

In a heroic display of attention, Shane and Ramin somehow made it through an extremely short survey with only going off on 14,000 tangents.

Tune in to find out a little history of when schools started focusing more on our lack of focus and started prescribing speed to children who (for some bizarre reason) weren’t interested in homework.

What is attention?  What is so great about it?  How do you make the most of your attention and get more of it? What is the relationship to creativity?

The SBC™ already know that you have a lot on your plate, so why not pile more on?  We're hoping this episode will provide one more distraction from the things you think you should be doing.
My Big Break

My Big Break

September 13, 2021

The Broken Boys of Comedy™ compare non-war wounds.

Years ago Shane broke both of his feet while hiking. He made an entire comedy album about it called ‘My Big Break’. At the time Shane went on a bunch of podcasts to tell the story, but it’s been years since the incident and many new fans probably don’t know the full story.

These salient moments can sometimes change our life trajectory.  Upon reflection sometimes it can feel like something that helped one grow and learn, other times it’s just a pain in the foot.

Come have some laughs while The BBC™ chat about injuries, pain, mindfulness and regrettable decisions.

Out Of Disorder

Out Of Disorder

September 6, 2021

The Nonspecific Amplifiers Of Comedy™ do their second psychedelic episode.

The first time Shane and Ramin did an episode about everyone’s favorite subject, they went off on so many tangents and down so many rabbit holes that they had to do a second episode with digression-filled entheogen conversation.

This time The NAC™ discuss tripping in groups vs alone, synchronicities going too far, social media as a drug, and the kind of DMs one gets when they are known for psychedelic use.

Mushrooms, DMT, MDMA, video games, entity surprise parties, verbal fluency, and fancy food are all on the menu, BUT you don’t always get to choose your state.



August 30, 2021

The High Culture Aficionados of Comedy™ share the movies they have enjoyed from childhood to present.

This was originally recorded as a monthly bonus episode where we could take a break from the regular philosophical topics to have a light fun episode about the movies we are into. We ended up having so much fun that we decided to make this a public episode and make a part two for a Patreon bonus.

We chatted about some of the first movies that grabbed us in the 1980s.  From cartoons, to dinosaurs, to superheroes, and Arnold Schwarzenegger… they all had a role in shaping our early tastes.  We share some of our favorite films as an adult and likely have a few recommendations of classics and hidden gems you may not have seen.

If you enjoy this free episode on your favorite app or YT, check out Patreon for part two as a monthly bonus episode released on Sep 1.  If you haven’t stopped by MUMtreon, you are going to be impressed by the amount of content available from The HCAC™

Top Shelf

Top Shelf

August 23, 2021

The Lushes of Comedy™ have some drinks while talking about drinking for the 21st episode.

Is there any scientific validity to the health benefits of having one glass of wine per day?  Shane’s never tried it, but he will try to recall some of the science, history, and evolution of alcohol.

How does state-dependent memory influence tolerance?  Do other primates enjoy getting drunk as much as we do?  Why is alcohol such a popular and inhibiting mind-altering substance?

The LC™ also share some stories about beer bongs, cops, and other debauchery.


Thanks to our lovely Honeys for supporting the show! 

Drew Bartlett: https://www.instagram.com/inxy.ink/
Dus Benecke: https://www.instagram.com/wolf.wearing.wolf.pants/
Stefan: https://www.instagram.com/stefanmatioc/



August 16, 2021

One episode per month The Mixed Bags Of Comedy™ take suggestions from Patreon fans for the subjects of a public episode.

In the past we have taken one suggestion for a theme and made a full episode about it… but we are not living in the past!  This month we take multiple suggestions as a jumping-off point for even more tangents.

We talk about porn, The Book of Mormon, burning bridges, the effects of screens, Covid, UBI, alphas, the subconscious, live shows, science communication, and more! 

Thanks to all our Patron members for not just filling our purses, but our mailbags as well.  Beyond paying for the show, it’s incredibly fulfilling to build a sense of community and have listeners contribute to shaping what we do! 



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