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November 1, 2021

The Cordial Discourse Boys of Comedy™ continue the third part of the Political Compass survey.

What if instead of thinking about politics as two-sided, we considered where we might fall within four quadrants of a political compass?  Sometimes we might be surprised where we fall on a given issue when we actually talk through each one.  Even when people always vote one way, it is often the case that their views on a specific issue are less one-sided than we assume.

Although The CDBC™ generally avoid the usual political conversations and current events that dominate social media and cable news, we found it constructive to have some philosophical conversations about some of the broader topics that influence our sense of morality, laws, and government.

If you enjoy this third free episode and want to hear our results, you can watch/listen to the final part as our monthly bonus episode available on Patreon.

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